Global Mala

Global Mala Poster

The purpose of Global Mala (“mala” means circle or garland in sanskrit) is to unite people around the planet in collective movement with an intention for peace.  This movement coincides with the UN’s International Day of Peace and auspicious season of the autumnal equinox. Global Mala was lovingly developed in 2007 by Shiva Rea, you can learn more about the worldwide movement here:

Join us for a practice that completes 108 sun salutations in a continuous flow.  You will be guided through 12 rounds of (7) Sun Salutation A and (2) Sun Salutation B.   (Below are a few images that describe the asana of these salutations.) The practice will take 2 1/2  – 3 hours,  please feel free to participate in as much or as little as you like.  You may come and go as serves you best, practice asana or simply participate in the breath. 

Please RSVP here:


Sun Salutations A and B



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